Semi-Annual Microcap Conference
May 9, 2014

Sidoti & Company, LLC is pleased to invite you to present at our Semiannual Micro-Cap Conference on May 9, 2014 at the Grand Hyatt New York Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Here is your chance to tell a group of savvy investors all about your company − how it ticks, why it is different, what makes it a worthy investment. This one-day, power-packed event will again reflect our determination to bridge the gap between institutional investors and the sub-$250 million micro-cap sector of the equity market. We think having you among our presenters would certainly help in that effort.

With each Micro-Cap Conference we host, we solidify the Sidoti name as THE axe in this space. This will be our eighth such gathering (the first was in January 2010), and we are glad to see our instinct was right: micro-cap stocks, while largely ignored, were worth bringing to the attention of the investment community. We knew thousands of micro-cap companies meet or exceed large-cap companies in terms of favorable P/E ratios, strong cash flow, and low debt, but it was not easy to persuade investors. We have stayed ahead of the steady growth in interest in the micro-cap sector by quintupling the number of Sidoti analysts who focus solely on micro-cap names. We now deliver regular research on 200 micro-cap companies, and expect our coverage to reach 400 names by the end of 2014. The micro-cap companies we follow afford a fascinating look into how times are changing−along with investment opportunities. At Sidoti, we are never afraid to try something new, and we think our foray into micro-caps is panning out wonderfully.

Sidoti is also proud of our corporate access initiative. We expect to host at least 1,200 non-deal road shows this year. In addition, we are moving vigorously ahead with our investment banking initiative, providing robust distribution capabilities for equity offerings and other capital markets transactions that require access to institutional investors.

For our upcoming event, we again wish to introduce companies that have sound fundamentals and intriguing stories, show fast growth and profitability, or otherwise hold great promise, yet are largely unknown to investors. If your company meets these criteria, you are welcome to participate. Our well-attended and regarded conferences are highly collaborative, so plan on meeting one-on-one with a group of smart and deeply curious investors.

We must limit our presenters to 100, so please act swiftly to secure your spot. The $7000 fee to present at the conference may well be among the best investments you will ever make to increase your company's visibility. After April 1, 2014, the fee to present will rise to $8000.

Once you commit to present, you will receive periodic updates and a final agenda at the event. To confirm your participation, reach Gregory Hawxhurst at 212-453-7075 or, before april 1, 2014. Travel time from the airports to The Grand Hyatt (near Grand Central Station) depends on the time of day and weather, so please plan accordingly. Registration and a continental breakfast will start at 7 a.m. The conference will commence at 8 and conclude in the late afternoon. For your convenience, we reserved a block of rooms at the hotel. When you call Reservations at (212) 883-1234 or (800) 233-1234, request the special rate.

As always, we intend to make this conference well worth the precious time of investors and presenters alike, and we look forward to having you with us. Please call Lynn Orenstein at (212) 453-7031 or me at (212) 453-7000 with any questions.


Peter Sidoti, CEO

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